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Product Overview

Advantage .NET Data Provider

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The Advantage .NET Data Provider is a managed provider that gives native data access to the Advantage Database Server and Advantage Local Server via a set of classes accessible from all .NET development languages including Microsoft VB.NET, Microsoft, C#, and Borland C# Builder.


Provides native client/server access to the high performance Advantage Database Server RDBMS
Provides fast, native access to the Advantage Local Server for royalty-free distribution in local and peer-to-peer environments
Supports SQL commands via Advantage SQL engine with both the Advantage Database Server and Advantage Local Server
Supports the ADO.NET Entity Framework allowing the use of LINQ to Entities, Entity SQL, and the Entity Data Model.
Requires no other database engines (MSDE, BDE, ODBC, etc.)
Does not require the Microsoft OLE DB .NET Data Provider or the Advantage OLE DB Provider.
Includes full server-based transaction processing to eliminate database corruption, drastically minimizing support costs
Provides complete referential integrity support including primary/foreign key definition and cascaded updates and deletes
Includes database security functionality and encryption support
Designed especially for use with Visual Basic .NET, C#, C# Builder
Works seamlessly with .NET data-aware components for rapid application development