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AdsParameter Constructor ( string, DbType, int, ParameterDirection, Boolean, Byte, Byte, string, DataRowVersion, object )

Advantage .NET Data Provider

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Initializes a new AdsParameter instance with name, type, size, direction, null flag, precision, scale, source column, source version, and a value.

public AdsParameter


string parameterName, // (I) parameter name

DbType dbType, // (I) parameter type

int iSize, // (I) parameter width

ParameterDirection direction, // (I) input or output

Boolean isNullable, // (I) can parameter be null?

Byte precision, // (I) precision for numeric

Byte scale, // (I) scale for numeric

string srcColumn, // (I) dataset source column mapping

DataRowVersion srcVersion, // (I) current or original

object value // (I) the parameter value



AdsParameter param = new AdsParameter( "name", DbType.String, 15,


false, 0, 0, "Department Name", DataRowVersion.Current,

"Administration" );