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AdsParameter Constructor ( int, object )

Advantage .NET Data Provider

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Initializes a new instance of the AdsParameter class with the given one-based index and value.

public AdsParameter


int iIndex, // (I) parameter index (for unnamed params)

object value // (I) parameter value



This constructor can be used for statements with unnamed parameters. The parameter number is one-based. The DbType will be inferred from the value of the given object. It can be changed if desired after creating the AdsParameter object via the AdsParameter.DbType property.


AdsConnection conn = new AdsConnection( "data source = c:\\data;" );

AdsCommand cmd;

AdsParameter param;


// open the connection


// create a new command object

cmd = new AdsCommand( "update departments set [Department Name] = ? " +

"where [department code] = ?",

conn );


// create the two parameters.

param = new AdsParameter( 1, "Research & Development" );

cmd.Parameters.Add( param );

param = new AdsParameter( 2, 104 );

cmd.Parameters.Add( param );


// execute the query

Console.WriteLine( "Records affected: " + cmd.ExecuteNonQuery() );