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AdsDataReader.GetBytes(int, long, byte[ ], int, int)

Advantage .NET Data Provider

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Reads a stream of bytes from the specified column offset into the buffer an array starting at the given buffer offset.

public long GetBytes


int iCol, // (I) 0-based column index

long lFieldOffset, // (I) offset to start reading from

byte[] buffer, // (O) output buffer

int iBufferOffset,// (I) starting offset in output buffer

int iLength // (I) number of bytes to read


Return Value

The actual number of bytes read.


If you pass a buffer that is a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic), GetBytes returns the length of the field in bytes.

No conversions are performed; therefore the data retrieved must already be a byte array. This method cannot be used to retrieve null values. Call AdsDataReader.IsDBNull to check for null values before calling this method.

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