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AdsConnection.BeginTransaction( IsolationLevel )

Advantage .NET Data Provider

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Begins a database transaction with the specified isolation level.

public AdsTransaction BeginTransaction( IsolationLevel iso );


This returns an AdsTransaction object representing the new transaction. Currently, the isolation level must be IsolationLevel.ReadCommitted. Advantage currently does not support other isolation levels. This method will throw a NotSupportedException if a different isolation level is specified.

Distributed transactions are not supported. If any record inserts/updates/deletes are pending, they will be flushed to the underlying database before the transaction is started. Note that Advantage Local Server does not support transactions. If the ServerType property (AdsConnection.ConnectionString) is LOCAL, no transaction will actually be started, although an AdsTransaction object will still be returned. Transactions can be nested by calling BeginTransaction inside of an existing transaction.


see AdsConnection.BeginTransaction()

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