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Gets or sets the flag that controls whether the AdsCommandBuilder object will automatically generate the commands even if there is no primary key.

public bool RequirePrimaryKey {get; set;}


By default, this value is True, which means that a primary key is required in order for the AdsCommandBuilder to generate the statements. If you know that the available searchable fields provide sufficient information to uniquely identify a given row in the WHERE clause, then you can set this property to False. Note that if there is no primary key and the searchable fields do not uniquely identify a row, then an UPDATE or DELETE statement may affect multiple rows, and the AdsDataAdapter will throw a DBConcurrencyException.

If you try to set this property to False when the AdsCommandBuilder.UsePKOnlyInWhereClause is True, the Advantage .NET Data Provider will throw an InvalidOperationException exception.

This property may be useful for generating statements for DBF tables. It is not possible to create primary keys on DBF tables, so it is necessary to either set this flag to False or to specify the UPDATE and DELETE commands explicitly.

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