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     Encrypting Database Tables

Advantage Database Server v8.1: A Developer’s Guide

by Cary Jensen and Loy Anderson

  © 2007 Cary Jensen and Loy Anderson. All rights reserved.

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Once you have enabled encryption for the data dictionary, you can selectively encrypt tables in the data dictionary. Once encrypted, a table's contents are scrambled on disk, which prevents someone from examining your data with a low-level file viewer.

Use the following steps to encrypt the two tables of this data dictionary:

1.        If the TABLES node of the DemoDictionary connection is not expanded, click the + next to this node to display the nodes for the CUSTOMER and EMPLOYEE tables.

2.Right-click the CUSTOMER node and select Encrypt. After a brief moment, the glyph that appears to the left of the CUSTOMER table node will change. The new glyph depicts an encrypted table.
3.Now right-click the EMPLOYEE node and select Encrypt. The glyph for this node will soon reflect that this table is also encrypted.