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Creating a New Report in Crystal 8

Crystal Reports

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Note: Crystal Reports versions 6 through 8 are no longer supported. The following help topic has been left in place as a courtesy for those that are still working with these unsupported versions.

To create a new report that uses the Advantage Crystal Reports driver:

1.Create a new report as you normally would with Crystal.
2.When prompted to select the data you will be reporting on, choose the 'Database' button.
3.Expand the 'More Data Sources' tree item. All Advantage alias entries will be shown in the list in the format:

'Advantage SQL - AliasName'

1.If you have never configured an Advantage alias, see Defining a Database Alias for use with Crystal Reports for a description and example ads.ini file. Select the desired Advantage entry in the list and continue developing the report. This is the only Advantage-specific selection you will have to make.