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Creating a New Report in Crystal 6 and 7

Crystal Reports

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Note: Crystal Reports versions 6 through 8 are no longer supported. The following help topic has been left in place as a courtesy for those that are still working with these unsupported versions.

To create a new report that uses the Advantage Crystal Reports driver:

1.Create a new report as you normally would with Crystal.
2.When prompted to select the data you will be reporting on, choose the 'SQL/ODBC' button. All Advantage alias entries will be shown in the list in the format:

'Advantage SQL - AliasName'

3.If you have never configured an Advantage alias, see Defining a Database Alias for use with Crystal Reports for a description and example ads.ini file. Select the desired Advantage entry in the list and continue developing the report. This is the only Advantage-specific selection you will have to make.