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Viewing Connected Users

Advantage Data Architect

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The Connected Users screen displays a list of all connected users. To disconnect a user from the server, right-click the user name and select Disconnect User.

Field Descriptions

Connection Names

A connection name is the Advantage client’s computer name.

Open File Types

Displays a list of open tables or open index files.

Open Tables

The lock, name of the opened file, and name of the user who has the table open.

Open Indexes

Name of the opened index file, and the name of the user who has the index file open.

Locks on Open Table

Shows which records are locked or if the entire file is locked.


The Advantage locking mode that the specified file is opened in. Possible locking modes are:

ADS - Advantage Proprietary locking mode.
NTX - Advantage NTX Compatible locking mode.
CDX - Advantage CDX Compatible locking mode.

Open Files

The name of the files that are open.