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A fully functional SQL debugger is integrated into the SQL Utility. The debugger can be used to set breakpoints, step through scripts line by line, view variable data, call stack information, and other useful debugging information. The debugger can be used to find problems in existing SQL scripts, and can be very helpful when writing and testing new scripts.

The SQL debugger provides the following functionality:

Line breakpoints
Object breakpoints (breakpoints in stored procedures, triggers, functions, etc.)
Line-by-line statement execution
Variable inspection
Call stack inspection
Debug connections made by external applications (applications other than ARC)
"Break" into script execution at any point. Useful for finding infinite loops or portions of a script that are consuming too much time.
Persist changes made to database objects (stored procedures, triggers, etc) back to the database by simply choosing to save the editor buffer.

Debugger Topics

Debugger Menu

Setting Breakpoints

Debugging a Script

Debugging a Database Object

Debugging an External Application

Controlling Script Execution

Modifying Database Objects in the Editor

Inspecting Variable Data

Inspecting the Call Stack

Changing Keyboard Shortcuts

Changing the Default Window Layout