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Adding/Removing Users to/from a Group

Advantage Data Architect

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Users can be added to or removed from a group at the time a group is created. Users can also be added or removed after the group is created.

To update group members, open a database. See Opening a Database for details. You must login to the database as a user with CREATE USER GROUP or ALTER permissions on the specific group in order to add or modify groups in a database. From the tree view within the Connection Repository, right-click the Group's name icon and select Properties. Then click the Members button on the Group Screen.

Use the arrows in the center of the screen to add or remove users to the group.

Group Members Field Descriptions


Lists the users available for membership in the group.

Group Members

Lists the users who are members of the group.


Saves any input and exits the screen.


Cancels any input and exits the screen.