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Advantage TDataSet Descendant

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TAdsStoredProc encapsulates an Advantage Extended Procedure.




Use a TAdsStoredProc object to simplify the execution of stored procedures and Advantage Extended Procedures.


Stored Procedures

Stored Procedures allow you to execute a set of code at the server where the data resides. This allows you to remove data intensive tasks from the workstations and reduces your network traffic to a single send and receive operation. Advantage supports a subset of ANSI SQL 2003 PSM to write your own set of Stored Procedures.


Advantage Extended Procedures

Advantage Extended Procedures are stored procedures that are easy to develop and easy to use. Unlike traditional stored procedures, however, Advantage Extended Procedures allow developers to write, store, and execute stored procedures on the server using their preferred application development tool. No database administrator is required to develop Advantage Extended Procedures.