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Silent Mode

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Managing Multiple Versions

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To facilitate the use of batch files to automate switching between TDataSet Versions, the Switch utility can operate in a silent mode. To use the utility in silent mode, specify all required parameters via the command-line.

The command-line syntax is as follows:

TDataSet_Switch.exe <Delphi_IDE_Ver> <New_TDS_Ver> [<Current_TDS_Ver>]

Where <Delphi_IDE_Ver> is the version of Delphi/C++Builder whose installed TDataSet is to be changed, <New_TDS_Ver> is the version of the TDataSet to switch to, and <Current_TDS_Ver> is the currently-installed TDataSet version for the Delphi IDE specified.

Note If <Current_TDS_Ver> is specified, the current TDataSet version will be backed-up.

To change the installed TDataSet version for Delphi 7 to version 7.1 without backing up the current TDataSet version, the following command would be used:

TDataSet_Switch.exe "Delphi 7" "Version 7.1"