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Overview of the Switch Process

Advantage TDataSet Descendant

Managing Multiple Versions

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The TDataSet Switch utility makes every effort to swap all aspects of your development environment from one version of the TDataSet Descendant to another. As a result, the utility will change both the TDataSet Descendant as well as the version of ACE that will be used by the IDE. To perform a switch, simply provide the following information:

1.Version of Delphi/C++ Builder for which you wish to change the TDataSet Descendant. Only the IDEs that are installed on the PC will be displayed in the drop-down.


2.The version of the TDataSet Descendant you want to switch to. Only the installed versions of the TDataSet Descendant that are successfully detected will appear in the drop-down list. To use a version that does not appear, see Custom TDataSet Versions.


3.Backup Options. If you do not wish to have your existing BPL files backed-up, un-check the "Back Up" check-box. It is highly recommended that you keep the check-box checked. Otherwise, select the "Current" TDataSet version in the appropriate drop-down. The utility will attempt to detect your current TDataSet Descendant version. If successful, it will be pre-selected for you. For more information on what is backed-up, see Backup Functionality.