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Getting Started with the TDataSet Descendant for Lazarus

Advantage TDataSet Descendant

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Lazarus requires that design-time components be statically linked into the IDE.  So, not only do the TDataSet components have to be compiled, but the entire IDE does as well.

Building Lazarus

The following steps will help you build the TDataSet Descendant into Lazarus:

1.Install the Advantage Delphi Components
2.Open the Lazarus IDE.
3.Click on "Package", then "Open Package File (.lpk) ..." and browse to the adsl.lpk file in the TDataSet installation directory.
4.In the package window, click the "Compile" button.
5.When compilation is complete, click the "Install" button.  When asked if you wish to rebuild Lazarus, select "Yes".
6.Lazarus should build a new version of the Lazarus executable and automatically start the new version of the executable.
7.The component palette should now contain the Advantage tab.
8.The Advantage components can now be used in Lazarus to access Advantage data from your application.