Advantage SQL Engine

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Rebuilds all auto-open indexes associated with the given table.



sp_Reindex( TableName,CHARACTER,515,

          PageSize, INTEGER )



TableName (I)

Name of table to rebuild indexes on.  This can include path information for free tables if the table is in a different folder from the connection path.

PageSize (I)

The page size to use when rebuilding indexes on ADT tables. This is ignored for other table types. If the value 0 is given, the existing page size is used. Valid page sizes can be any value from 512 to 8192. Refer to Index Page Size and Index Key Size and Page Size Relationships for more information. Note that if the table is in an Advantage Data Dictionary, then only the administrator connection can be used to change the page size when reindexing a table.



sp_Reindex rebuilds all auto-open indexes associated with the given table. Because the reindex operation requires exclusive access to the table, no other connections can have the table open when this is called.




-- Rebuild all auto-open indexes on mytable with a page size of 1024

EXECUTE PROCEDURE sp_Reindex( 'mytable.adt', 1024 );


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