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Thursday, March 12, 2009
Advantage Clients ( General )
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What is a 6610 error?
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What is a 6610 error, and how can it be avoided?
A 6610 error is a client error that is typically generated when the specified client timeout value is reached while waiting for a response from the Advantage Database Server (ADS). In addition to a lost network connection, this error can be correlated to the Server (ADS) dropping the connection due to inactivity. Normally this does not happen because the client will send keep-alive packets at intervals of ¼ of the specified timeout period. For example, if the timeout is set to 240 seconds, then every 60 seconds the client will send a keep-alive packet to the server to keep the connection alive. If the server does not receive any of the keep-alive packets and the timeout period expires, it will disconnect the client. When the Advantage client sends the next request to the Server (ADS), it will not get a response and will return the 6610 error to the client application.

Because of the differences between UDP/IP and TCP/IP communications, this error is typically raised only when using UDP/IP communications. Changing the application to use TCP/IP communications is probably the simplest way to resolve this error. However, it will not solve other underlying network issues that may be causing the error. If there are other problems present, changing to TCP/IP may cause another error to be raised, which may assist in troubleshooting the problem.

To make TCP/IP the default communication method, add an entry of the form "use_tcp_ip=1" to the application's ads.ini file under the [SETTINGS] section.

The following troubleshooting options can be done without changing to TCP/IP communications:

If communication is going through a proxy to get to the ADS server, check the timeout setting on the proxy and compare it to the timeout setting on ADS. If the timeout setting on the proxy is less than ¼ of the setting in ADS, then the proxy will close the connection before a keep-alive packet is sent. Adjust the timeout setting in ADS or the proxy such that the proxy timeout period is greater than ¼ of the ADS timeout. For example, if the ADS timeout is 240 seconds, make sure the proxy timeout is greater than 60 seconds.

If the 6610 error is occurring on only one application and not others, it is possible that the client PC's IP Stack is corrupt. Please see for more information on this issue.

Another way to troubleshoot the 6610 error is to reduce the packet size. For more details on this, please see

It is possible that working with ADS through a VPN could cause a 6610 error when opening large files. Please see to diagnose and troubleshoot this situation.

Older causes and solutions to 6610 errors can be found at
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