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Tuesday, September 25, 2007
Advantage Clients ( General )
Error Codes
Error 6602 is Returned when Running Advantage Enabled Applications
Problem Description:
The error 6602 (Client comm layer timed out waiting for receive packet from the Advantage Database Server) when executing an Advantage enabled application.
Error 6602 indicates that the client application did not receive an expected data packet from the Advantage Database Server within the expected time frame.

Advantage Enabled applications will generally wait for a data packet to arrive from an Advantage Database Server 15 seconds before assuming that the packet is lost and will timeout.

Packets can fail to reach the client application for a variety of reasons which include a slow network, network routing issues, corrupted or fragmented data packets, firewalls, etc.

Some possible solutions to correct this error are the following:
1: Ensure there are no firewalls or network routing issues.

2: Possibly try to increase the client timeout. This can be accomplished by creating an ads.ini file and include the MAX_TIMEOUTS=<value> in the [SETTINGS] section. The default for this value is 30. Replacing <value> for a number larger then the default could possibly correct this issue.

3: Decrease the packet size. Occasionally network packets can become fragmented and corrupted. In this case you can decrease the size of the packet and thus potentially eliminate packet fragmentation. This can be accomplished by creating an ads.ini file and adding PACKET_SIZE=<value> to the [SETTINGS] section. For IP networks the default is 1450 bytes. For IPX networks the default is 576 bytes. Replacing <value> for a smaller packet size may help to correct this issue. If adjusting this setting does help to correct the issue it may be desirable to investigate further why packets are being fragmented across the network as this may indicate a more serious issue with the network setup.

For additional information about the ADS.ini file and the above settings search for ads.ini in the Advantage Help File for your current version of Advantage.
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