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Thursday, April 19, 2012
Advantage Database Server ( General )
Error Codes
7044 Advantage Server already on network
Problem Description:
When the Advantage service attempts to start the error 7044, "Advantage Server already on network" is returned.
Generally this error indicates that there is another Advantage server with the same serial number running on the network. The issue in this case is resolved by stopping the 2nd server with the same serial number. However there are situations in which this is not the case.

One solution may be to reset the IP stack which is explained in this KB Item: Error 7044 on Windows XP Machine

If this does not work unplugging this server from the network and then resetting the IP stack may resolve the issue.

If the server has more than one NIC, specifying a single LAN IP Address should be attempted. Instructions for doing this can be found here in the help documentation:LAN IP Address

In one case an issue with a router caused the error to occur and switching routers eliminated the error. Disabling firewalls on the server and the attached network devices may also be attempted.
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